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For Immediate Release    Aug 27, 2003

Turn a Series of Multi-row Snapshots into a 360-degree Panorama

Tekmate, Inc. has released PhotoFit Harmony, a Windows image-stitching
application that allows you to turn individual images into an ultra-wide,
panorama, or fish-eye image. Even if you have multiple rows of images,
PhotoFit Harmony can stitch them into a single, seamless picture.

The software can analyze a series of photographs and intelligently build
enormous multi-row and multi-column images out of them. In addition to
creating ultra-wide linear images, you can create 360-degree horizontal
panoramas, vertical panoramas, or whole panoramas. You can even create
dramatic 180-degree fish-eye images.

The program has built-in focal-length detection, distortion cancellation,
and perspective correction that take all the hard work out of piecing
together individual pictures to form stunning images. Focal length detection
is completely automatic, with no need to provide a lens data file, or to
input data manually. Distortion cancelling forces straight lines to be
straight. PhotoFit Harmony performs easy and exact perspective correction,
making your panoramas realistic and lifelike. In addition to aligning the
image content, the program also performs color matching.

Most stitching programs require photographs that have been created by a
camera mounted on a tripod. PhotoFit Harmony will automatically compensate
for the tilt and rotation of photographs that are taken with hand-held
cameras, and stitch the photos together seamlessly. While the software can
process photographs that overlap between 20 and 100 percent, best results
are achieved with images that overlap 40 to 60 percent.

PhotoFit Harmony can work with digital camera images, as well as images that
are scanned from film or documents. It reads and writes images in BMP, JPG,
TIFF and PNG formats, and can even create images in Apple's cross-platform
QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) format. The built-in thumbnail viewer lets
you quickly and easily select the images that PhotoFit Harmony will stitch
into your panorama.

Whether you're a business person who needs to create an enormous signboard
or poster, a teacher who wants to create a panorama to give your students a
fresh perspective, or a home user who wants to create a dramatic fish-eye
image for a family party, PhotoFit Harmony provides the tools.

PhotoFit Harmony runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP and requires a
Pentium 266 or faster. A single-user license costs $52(US) and may be
purchased securely online at You can download a trial
version of PhotoFit Harmony from the same Internet address.
For moreinformation, contact Tekmate, Inc.
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                      (c) 2003. Tekmate, Inc.   Tokyo.